We are a company that intermediates reinsurance for the Ecuadorian market. Our main objective is to develop long-term relationships with clients, suppliers, shareholders, human resources and society in general, through proactive, technical, and efficient service providing differentiating factors that add value to all our efforts.


Be one of the top 3 reinsurance intermediaries in Ecuador in position and production within the next 5 years.

Contact and suggestions

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We are

We have profound respect and loyalty to our clients, colleagues and the market in which we perform.

We are

We work to exceed expectations. We do more than required. We manage beyond expectations.

We are

Our processes and services are proactive, fast, reliable and efficient.

We are

Our business is a people business. We value our clients and focus our actions to create long-term relationships with them. We appreciate our human resources taking good care of them to make them grow professionally.

We are

We are consistent with our ethical and moral values. Our word is the strongest contract. We do what we say and deliver what we promise!

We are

We have come to this point. Here we are, and here we will continue to serve and add value to our market.