We obtain reinsurance support for Engineering Risks

a) All risks Machinery and Equipment.
b) All risks Construction.
c) All risks Machinery Erection.
d) Alll risks Machinery Breakdown.
e) All risks Electronic Equipment.
f) Business Interruption due to Machinery Breakdown.
g) All risks Completed Construction Works.

For the following lines

  • All risks Machinery Breakdown.
  • All risks Electronic Equipment.
  • Business Interruption due to Machinery Breakdown.
  • All risks Completed Construction Works.

The basic information usually required is the following:

  • Insured’s Name.
  • Business Lines.
  • Total insured sum.
  • Breakdown of insured items with their respective sums (with details of equipment manufacturing year and main characteristics for machinery breakdown and electronic equipment.
  • Location of the items to insure.
  • Safety and security details around equipment (for machinery breakdown and electronic equipment), or Risk Report of the locations where the equipment to insure is.
  • Material and description of facilities (completed civil works).
  • Loss rate for the last 5 years.
  • If Business Interruption is being applied for, it is necessary to know the sales record for the the last year and the revenue forecast for the current year.

Contact and suggestions

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