Given the circumstances of our world today, this coverage becomes more and more necessary. Our team of experts in this coverage works tirelessly and efficiently. Provided coverage usually involves:

a) Terrorism and sabotage.
b) Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion (SRCC).
c) Malicious acts from third parties.
d) It is also possible to obtain coverage for Business Interruption due to Terrorism.
e) Additional coverage to be negotiated can be obtained for damage produced by drug cartels.

The market currently shows openness and ease to work this risk for Latin America, so they are very competitive and have more than enough underwriting capacity.

Applicable standard wordings are:

  • LMA3030 Property Damage for Terrorism and Sabotage.
  • LMA5039 Business Interruption coverage.
  • LMA3092 Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotion.

We currently have an underwriting capacity of USD 50 million for Latin America. The leading reinsurer with a 50% capacity is CSL1084, followed by AEGIS1225, supporting the remaining 50%.

We have no minimum premium required, so it is important to be provided with the target premium to ensure we obtain it. There are no minimum insured values required, so this is an insurance line with wide flexibility and competitiveness.

We would like to make it clear that if more capacity is required, we can turn to a variety of other markets available to us.

The basic information that is required to apply for this insurance is:

  • Insured´s Name.
  • Business line.
  • Total insured sums.
  • Insured limit to hire.
  • Required deductibles (damage to property and business interruption, or other coverage required).
  • Requested coverage (S&T , malicious act and SRCC, civil liability, damage by cartels).
  • Details of the location of insured items.
  • Safety and security details, or Risk Report, if possible.
  • Loss rate for the last 5 years.

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